High School Student Resume Templates

Preparing a resume after completing high school can seem like the moment where things get real and scary, but don’t panic! Learn what it takes to create an easy high school resume online today.

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High School Resume Templates to choose

What Is a High School Student Resume?

You’ve graduated from high school and it’s now time to face the job market. To move on into your professional career you’ll need a high school resume template.

This, however, differs from most resumes you’ll come across in the professional world such as simple resumes or professional resumes. This is because it has to be written and prepared with your lack of work experience in mind.

Resume templates for high school students can help you apply special tricks to make sure they get the results needed. Keep reading to learn how you can create one online now with the help of a free resume builder.

How Does a High School Student Template Differ from the Rest?

As we’ve already mentioned there are a few distinct differences you’ll find when creating a high school resume compared to one when you’ve got your footing steady on the career ladder.

Compared to normal, work experience takes a back seat to details on your schooling, as up to this point you have been in full-time education. However, if you’ve gained some work experience from a part-time job or over a summer vacation this can be included as long as it’s relevant.

Generally, a high school resume will focus more on the following:

Why to Use a Student Resume Template

A high school resume is super useful when you’re fresh out of school with little work experience. It allows you to highlight your potential and show what you can bring to an employer despite a lack of hands-on history in the sector.

Using resume templates such as this helps you get around the issue of your inexperience and instead show where you can seamlessly fit into a job.

Of course, your education plays a part in this but you’ll also need to draw attention to other useful points like skills or previous project or volunteering experience that you can bring to the table.

High School Resume Example Template

Contact Information

[Your Name]
[Job Title]
[Phone Number]
[LinkedIn Profile]
[Other useful links such as social media accounts and personal websites]

Career Objective Statement

Create a short 1-2 sentence summary of the skills, achievements, and experience you’ve gained from high school. You should then add another sentence explaining how it’s your goal to use these abilities in the position available. Make sure to tailor this all to the employer’s requirements to get their attention quickly.

Work Experience

[Part-time Job Title]
[Employer’s Name]
[Start Date – Present Day]

  • Describe any work experience you’ve gained in bullet-point lists
  • Add around 6 short bullet points to each position
  • Focus on promoting your achievements and the results you earned
  • Also, detail any special responsibilities you held

[Summer Job Title]
[Former Employer’s Name]
[Start Date – Finish Date]

  • Arrange all the information into reverse chronological order
  • Emphasize transferable skills for the job you’re aiming to get
  • Use newer jobs to introduce newer achievements and duties


[Qualification Title]
[High School + Location]
[Dates of Study]

  • Add a little extra information about your favorite study subjects at your school
  • Don’t forget to add any relevant extracurricular activities here as well
  • Also, if you won any special awards or held a key position in a club or student organization remember to mention these too.


[Skill 1: Best Hard Skill]
[Skill 2: Best Soft Skill]
[Skill 3: General Skill]
[Skill 4: General Skill]

Additional Sections

[Certificates and Courses]
[Honors and Awards]

What to Add to a High School Resume Template

Your high school resume needs to be properly prepared to get employers interested. In the following sections, we talk through what you need to do to make sure your file gives you the best shot at the job possible.

Sections to Include in Your Template

A high school template can make use of a number of different sections. However, like any type of resume you’ll need to include the following mandatory segments:

  • Contact details
  • Career Objective Statements
  • Work Experience
  • Skills
  • Education

However, similar to a student resume, you should go a little further than just the basics. You’re likely to have taken on projects or extracurricular activities that could easily give you an edge in the hiring process. Use the following optional sections to get the job done:

  • Achievements
  • Honors and Awards
  • Volunteering
  • Languages
  • Projects
  • Hobbies and Interests

How to Write a High School Student Resume

Writing your high school resume isn’t as complicated as it seems. However, you do have to keep a few key points in mind.

First of all, keep things concise. The most important thing your resume needs to do is be easily readable.

This is made a lot easier by using bullet point lists in the work and education sections. Each point should be one sentence long and as focused as possible.

These bullet points need to focus primarily on achievements or other measurable results. In the case of a high school student, you might choose to focus on a leadership position you held in your school or any awards you won for outstanding work.

Last but not least, you should construct a convincing career objective. This should focus not only on what you have achieved from your education but also talk about why this can help launch your career.

All of your information should be tailored for the job you’re applying to get. This will show the employer why you’re ultimately the best suited for the role and gives you the best shot at getting hired.

How to Format a High School Resume Template

A high school resume needs to be presented correctly to give it the best chance of success. Not only that but formatting your file properly will also help you get past any ATS software that is being used by the company.

Readability is the most important goal from all this. Your resume will be read quickly so your most hirable features need to stand out easily.

Where Can I Get a High School Resume Template?

Here at ResumeGiants, we’ve got all the tools you need to create a comprehensive high school resume from scratch. Our resume builder can help you start your very first resume free with step-by-step support and optimized, stylized templates.

Alternatively, some of the resume templates provided with Google Docs or MS Word can be modified for your needs. However, these can be trickier to customize and won’t always be properly optimized for ATS.

What Are the Advantages of ResumeGiant’s Resume Builder?

With our resume builder, you have everything you need to create a stylish and professional resume that meets the requirements of employers. Best of all, it’s free to use for new graduates.

When you use our tools you can enjoy the following benefits:

Step-by-step resume building instructions

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