College Freshman Resume Templates

Create the ideal college freshman template quickly and easily with help from simple instructions and resume-building tools. Find out how to create yours in our guide below.

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We’re proud of you.

You’ve worked hard and you managed to achieve a place at university.

Not only that, you’re looking at how to make a resume as a college freshman.

That already sets you apart from the pack.

While lots of freshmen spend their first year of college focusing only on friends, partying, and school, you’ve decided to already plan for your future and look for an internship or work placement.

This is a great way to get a head start on your after-college career, and there’s no better way to start this search than with a professional freshman resume.

What Is a College Freshman Resume Template?

A college freshman template is a simple style of resume design for first-year college students. You can use this document to apply for in-industry work experiences and internships.

These resume templates make it much easier to play to your strengths as a freshman and adapt your profile to fit your experience level.

What Is Unique About a Freshman Template?

The biggest difference between a freshman template and a typical design is that it is more focused on other areas, rather than work experience. It’s normal that in your first year of college, you won’t yet have much of that.

Adapting to your lack of career history is key in this scenario. The freshman resume template can help you bring out other important traits that make you qualified for a competitive internship role.

This is done by focusing more on career goals, transferable skills, and your educational history in comparison to other kinds of resumes.

Why to Use a College Freshman Resume Template

When you’re just starting out in college, looking for internships and other professional placements can feel alien. As a college freshman, it can be hard to know how to find a position with little-to-no real work experience.

A college freshman template will solve this issue for you. No one is expecting you to be a career professional in your freshman year but you still need to show why you’re right for a position.

Not only that but a freshman template can demonstrate how you will adapt well to your chosen sector or position. It will do this by emphasizing important career skills needed in the role.

Who Should Use a Freshman Resume Format?

Getting a college freshman resume right involves a few different steps. In the following sections, we explain what these are in more detail.

Sections to Include in Your Template

Getting the structure right is critical to ensure your freshman resume is successful. First of all, you must add a number of necessary sections, which include:

  • Contact Details
  • Career Objective Statement
  • Works Experience
  • Skills
  • Education

However, to show everything you’re capable of, you will need to add a bit more than just the essentials. Use any scholastic or personal achievements to your advantage and relate these to the position with the following optional sections:

  • Achievements
  • Honors and Awards
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Volunteering
  • Languages
  • Projects
  • Hobbies and Interests

How to Write a Freshman Student Resume

When you write a freshman or a student resume your main focus should be highlighting your potential rather than past experience. This will mean promoting your education and skills more than you would normally.

However, your second focus needs to be on making everything easily readable for the recruiter. Keeping your resume concise is key, so avoid long sentences at all costs and keep focused on highlighting your achievements.

You should break everything up into bullet points to do this. When detailing the work experience you’ve done, each point should be about a sentence in length and must focus on a key achievement, skill, or duty you’ve managed.

As always, what you include should be relevant to the position you’re chasing. This is especially important in your 2-3 sentence summary at the top of the page.

In the case of your freshman template, this summary will focus more on your career goals than explaining what you’ve done so far. Explain why your aims match the company’s and back it up with any evidence you can add to show you’re serious about these goals.

How to Format a Student Resume Template

As mentioned, one of the most important features your resume must have is to be easy to read. Imagine that you’re a recruiter having to read hundreds of new resumes every day, would you be happy to receive a complicated and unintelligible resume?

Probably not. So let’s make sure your resume is a smoother read than that last homework paper you procrastinated on.

The formatting can help you do this and our resume builder can help you get this right.

Not only do you need to keep the text short but you’ll need to use visual tricks to get the best results. This includes using the following:

  • A little neutral color
  • Clear and easy to read fonts
  • Consistently sized text
  • Correct margin spacing
  • PDF and .TXT file formats

Where Can I Get a Freshman Resume Template?

ResumeGiants is here to help you prepare your very first freshman template. Our resume builder tools will give you all the support you need to create an accomplished and effective document.

Unlike many other “free” resume builders, we don’t charge extra for any premium features and we provide you with all the necessary tools to create a successful resume.

Prepare your college freshman resume using professionally designed templates, easy-to-follow instructions, and expert guidance.

What Are the Advantages of ResumeGiant’s Resume Builder?

The resume builder we provide is an all-in-one tool and is free to use. It will help you every step of the way towards a smart and successful resume. It will also save you time so that you can get back to all the great things that college has to offer.

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